Undeniably, lighting makes the biggest impact on the visual appeal of an event. It is the one element that truly creates a distinctive and original environment. Unfortunately, it is also the most under-budgeted and least considered. Chances are you really haven’t given it much thought. After all, there are plenty of overhead lights, right? Don’t overlook the importance of lighting! As you go through all the effort of organizing your event, ensure your audience’s attention is exactly where you want it.

OUR UPLIGHTING PRICING (Choose What you Want and We will set it up for you)!!!
Slim Par 56                     $25 Day (Quantity:10)
American DJ Vertigo Hex LED     $30 Day
American DJ Revo III            $50 Day
ADJ Mega Go Bar RGBA 42"        $35 Day (1)
DMX Controller                  $10 Day (2)
Monogram ("Gobo") Lights        $100 Day (Image & Video Projector)
ADJ Facade                      $90 Day
23" TV w/ Stand                 $50 Day / $100 (Laptop Slideshow)

Pioneer DDJ-SR                  $99 Day
Shure Wired Microphone SM-58    $10 Day
Shure Wiresss Microphone SM-58  $50 Day

Fog Machine                     $25 Day (Full Tank)

JBL PRX715 1500 Powered Speaker $50 Day
JBL 18" Sub                     $60 Day
Speaker Stand                   $10 Day
3CH Mixer                       $25 Day

Mic Stand With Telescoping Boom $5 Day
O Clamp                         $2 Day
DMX Cable [15ft]                $3 Day

Monogram (“Gobo”) Lights                        $100 Day (Image & Video Projector)